Where's Wooldo?

Am I the only person who thought Waaaaaldo’s head and body belonged to different sheep, at first?

Not Baaaaad for a first print! Congrats!

If I count them, will there be sleep, warm wooly sleep?

Thank you everyone that voted for this design:) I can now say I was printed by Woot!

Congratulations manikz66 on your first print achievement. Stare at the design, slightly unfocus your eyes and the image of a wolf will appear.

That’s a lot of sheep.

No, you’re not alone. No need to feel sheepish. Ooooh another baaaaad pun.
Hey I bet the Pillsbury dough boy would wear this shirt everyday just for the extra pokes.

Heads up woot. The derby link in the woot write-up takes you to derby 319.

Found him! Now, where is the Wizard, Woof, Wanda, Odlaw, the key, the binoculars, …

Oh my gosh I love this. And I can’t even say why I just do.

Congrats for your first print, very nice!

Sure wish you didn’t show me the answer.

First print! Congrats!

I (yawn) counted thirty … (yawn) … five … shee …

The link to the derby page on the write up is wrong.

BTW, can I be the only one who expected some Pacific-island-themed shirts this weekend? I looked up “Kawaii”, and, urp. Is this really a thing, outside the shirt-designer world? (Actually I’m not sure I want to know, there’s probably a Kawaii convention somewhere every weekend).

congrats on the first print!

What a fierce week to get your first print in! Congrats. :slight_smile: BAAA RAAAAM EWWWE!

Now you can literally pull the Wooldo over your eyes.

Perfect shirt to wear to the bahbah shop.

My android dreamt of a electronic version of this shirt.

Wear it if you’re a fugitive on the lam.

This is the shirt for ewe!

Wolfdo in sheep’s clothing

how is this kawaii??

i really don’t understand the voters at all B^(

This is a great design and I voted for it. I’d buy it too if it were available on AA blanks.