Where Are My Toys


*My ticket into the Shirts on Sale Sad Rat Race

This is the link you click to buy this shirt after April 1st

clever. Not a huge fan of black shirts though.

Toy Story revisited!

Nice April Fool’s Day prank. So, where’s the real shirt? : )

Love it. Nice combo of cute and creepy.

It made me laugh. =P

Neat concept, but not sure about it on a shirt. Pass.

It’s cute, but I feel the image would look really awkward on a shirt…

Can’t say I really like it. Just too basic and does not feel like it really should be a design for a shirt.

reminds me of the mean kid on toy story

Armadillo? Amarillo is something completely different.

First person to order three of this shirt will win a Shirt.woot closet, complete with one of every shirt woot has ever printed!

Well, no wonder it took so long to load! It’s a woot-off.

i luv black shirts. still deciding if i want it

It’s cute! I bought one.

O M G This is hilarious… it reminds me of the little kid from Toy Story who hacked up his toys and made new ones out of it (the next door neighbor kid who also melted and blew up his playthings)

Huh, I wondered why they hotlinked the word “guy” to the DBH site - a competitor for Pete’s sakes! But then I traveled down the page to the writeup on a.mar.illo, and understood. Very nice, w00t. As for the shirt - nah, not interested.


I’ve seen a monkey trying hard to love a robot, yo
but all they ever do is fight to the death for your soul.

-mc front a lot

reference or coincidence?

What a cute shirt. It reminds me of the mean kid in Toy Story, too. Black gets too many bits stuck to it for me, plus I bought two shirts this weekend. I do think it’s a good design though!

P.S. is the wootoff really just going to be the same 20 watt battery pack over and over? That’s cheating! But ingenious at the same time.