Where Are My Toys

Congratulations Amarillo. Very cute design!

very funny idea. would never wear it though =P

Hahaha, I like it. I can’t afford it since I just bought two of the shirts being reckoned, but I like the design. One small thing, though- was it done in adobe illustrator? Because I think the layer with the tan part of the bear’s foot and stomach was accidentally put behind the black shadow on the baseboard behind them.

this shirt is better than a lot of woot shirts ive seen before i like it im in for one

Is the shadow on the baseboard supposed to be showing on the monkey/teddy bear’s tummy?

congrats, a.mar.illo! my husband and I knew right away it was one of your designs (uh, we read the description, duh!).

-signed one of yer old virb friends

a bit childish for me… going to pass tonight… and hope the BOC will FINALLY come… cruel cruel woot

Ha! So they’re making out. And I thought they were cowering in fear of their encroaching owner. Either way it’s pretty funny.

i would like it if weren’t for the particular region of the shadow that they are located in.

wow… my brain didn’t even go there… you need a hug?

Thats what i thought right away to, l.o.l, glad im not the only one! l.o.l

LOL Read my mind… my first thought as well…

I thought of the kid in Toy Story with the broken toys and the commercial of the dog and cat together.

Heh, I noticed the bears stomach is missing… why is that?

hahaha i also thought they were afraid of the owner…

I agree. Very odd.

aww! i think it’s adorable :3
i don’t think i’ll be getting it though i~i

AH…reminds me of my child hood days!

mean kid i’m guessing

Very clever shirt. Congrats to the winner!