Where are the $0 Reebok items today?

I received my Woot! Daily Digest email this morning and got excited for Reebok items from $0 - $78…I guess this must have been click bait as I couldnt find any $0 items (they would have been sold out by now) :slight_smile: :smiley:


I admit I looked for that $0 item too.
The Eternal Optimist.


The Zero dollar item is the joy you get from looking for it…

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It’s the free email right?

Wasn’t your email a scratch and sniff like mine? I assumed the $0 items were the free smells from the email.


List places that should never offer “scratch and sniff” stickers in their promo packets…

  1. Chloroform outlet
  2. Before and after breath mint ad

The technical term for this is “boo boo”. The cause is someone not paying attention to what they’re doing.

Obviously, an error now fixed.


No worries…I found it amusing and was certainly under no delusions I could buy something for $0…still trying to win a weekly giveaway but thats an enitrely different story :slight_smile:

The Woot system would have given you an error message at checkout anyways regarding a $0.00 order.

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