Where are "Today's Deals"?

Have “Todays Deals” been moved? You can search “All Deals” and can search by price. It gave me a purchase deadline which I need otherwise it get sent to the cart and sold out buy the time I thnk of it again. Thanks, 13 more days until “Midnight Sun” is released.


This one?

ETA: Hmmm… it does behave strangely… @davejlives what did you do?!

They’re updating things. It’s all changed on the app too.

This site doesn’t have deals.

Sure they do. TT said they lose money on the monkeys. I bought two.

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what changed?? I’m only in charge of tote bags but i can ask around

Hey! A staff person smarter than me and @davejlives noticed it missing and reported it. Looks like the filter accidentally got removed. They’ll add it back in.

ETA: Soonish?

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