Where Cursors Come From

Pretty damn clever.

Um, really? If we are doing this, shouldn’t it be punch cards instead?

At least they don’t come from those nasty four-letter words…

Wait a minute, that’s umpossible! The trunk pixels are turned like diamonds!

Why did my parents always avoid just telling me the truth about where mouse cursors come from? Some things, I’ll never understand.

Hmmm…it appears my cursor came from a birch forest.

Corny Joke Alert:

It’s an interesting shirt, but what’s the point of it?

Deforestation is wrong! Save the earth, plant a mouse!

The Lumberjack-Nerd connection hasn’t been this close since Monty Python.

Oh man. This brings back memories of my family making out annual trips to the cursor farm. We’re roam the rows and rows of cursors for hours finding that perfect one.

And then my parents got a divorce and I would go alone and pick out the sad, lopsided one with that awful bare spot you have to face towards the wall.

Ahhh memories.

Curse you, tiny lumberjacks! CURSE YOU!

How many more steps after initial harvest? For the standard cursor, they’ve at least got to paint it white. Not sure how they’d do the inverted-colour cursor though.

So my incessant clicking during woot-offs is destroying a forest? My bad.

i swear I’ve seen this before.

Cute…but I’ll pass. This is a breast-staring encourager.

It is a really cute shirt Woot… but no matter how cute you spell it, it is still cream colored. I would totally buy this in a Heather Gray

Mistook it for an early Ugly Winter Sweater shirt at first glance…cursors can be harvested any month. I wonder if they shed anything in the fall? And can there be blinking lights? And candy canes?

Some people may see this as a selling point… Just saying…

reminds me of that old game ski free