Where da WOOT!


Hey there…just thought anyone might know when Woot! might be opening up some positions in the NYC area. Don’t get me wrong, Dallas,TX is great but if you want to sell mad Bags of Crap like there is no tomorrow NYC is the place to be.

Peace Out!!!


By the way…I would love to be a Woot! sales person. This dam website sells itself. Nothin to do all day but just answer peoples questions by saying “Woot!”

For example: “Sir - Would you like fries with that” Answer “Woot!”
“Sir - Paper or Plastic” Answer “Woot!”
“Sir - Would you like to sign up for free long distance” Answer “Woot!”

Peace Out!!!


The only woot job in NYC is the pod cast. Do you sing? Play well with others?


I do!


You have a job! Plus you don’t live in NYC.

Yes, I know you play well with others.


Prolly plays with himself well, too! <snerk>


Nice to see a lot of intelligent replys to my original post!


murmuring to others
Do you think he/she’s mad, sarcastic or laughing?


Well, how serious a request was it? My answer was right.
I guess laughing.