Where do you self publish? Prints and Shirts.

I am jumping into offering prints and shirts online, and was curious if people had good/bad things to say about some of the different services out there… for prints I was leaning towards redbubble, although I’ve noticed that Walmazan uses redbubble more for shirts and society6 for prints. I was also thinking DeviantArt wouldn’t be a bad place to throw the more pup culture orientated stuff.

Another option for me is to print the stuff out myself as my work has an epson 7880. I seriously doubt the volume would be anything I couldn’t handle, though I’m not enthused about handling the shipping, so if anyone has some tips about that feel free to share…

Lastly! Has anyone had much experience with spreadshirt vs. redbubble for shirt printing? I know that redbubble isn’t screenprinting, and am assuming spreadshirt is the same. It seemed like the cost per shirt at spreadshirt was a little less though.

Thanks for looking.

Most Woot artists I’ve seen use Redbubble and society6. I know redbubble has a wooters group, not sure about S6, but maybe they do also.