Where In The World Is Amador County?

Where In The World Is Amador County?

Domenico Amador County 2007 Barbera 3-Pack
$62.99 $̶1̶0̶8̶.̶0̶0̶ 42% off List Price
2007 Domenico Amador County Barbera

Lang Wines Red Sampler 6-Pack
$79.99 $̶1̶4̶6̶.̶0̶0̶ 45% off List Price
2006 Reserve Zinfandel
2008 Sausalito Zinfandel
2010 Barbera, Amador County, Oakmont Vineyards

Scott Harvey Reserve Barbera 3-Pack
$69.99 $̶1̶1̶0̶.̶0̶0̶ 36% off List Price
2009 Barbera, Amador County, J&S Reserve

Vino Noceto Riserva 2008 Sangiovese 3-Pack
$49.99 $̶8̶3̶.̶0̶0̶ 40% off List Price
2008 Riserva Noceto Sangiovese, Shenandoah Valley, California

Think the description of the Vino Noceto needs to be updated - 2 or 3 pack?

Agree. Photo and title say 3 pack; description says 2 pack in two different places (under “Features” and under “Specs”).

Might be in on that one if it’s a 3 pack.

My receipt says there are three in the order, and there is a picture of three bottles in the receipt, so I am expecting a 3 pack (actually two of them). If not, someones got some 'splainin to do …

Also Scott Harvery description (3 reserve barberas - yummo) does not match photo whichmaybe from a previous offer. Some good stuff on offer here!!

Yep, pretty much every listing has an error. Scott Harvey pic showing the wrong wines, Lang pic showing the wrong wine vintages in group pic altho individual label pics are correct, Vino Noceto stating 2 in description instead of 3 and unless something has changed Domenico should be able to ship to Ohio since I have ordered their wines from WW previously.
EDIT: Pulled up the Domenico website and they do not list OH as a ship-to state so I guess they don’t anymore.

The 2009 Reserve Barbera is fantastic, and you just can’t go wrong at this price if you enjoy a good Barbera. I have multiple bottles in stock, but will most likely be in for a half case. There is a long list of great wine made by Scott, and this is near the top of the list for me.

Now if only he would have let us open the 2003 Barbera back in February…

Note to self, email Jana about the Library Club.

I’m incredibly glad the Noceto is back for sale again. I’m down to my last bottle from the last offering and me and my wife absolutely love this wine! I’m in for 3!

it’s a 3 pack.

Waiting for someone to go over the Woot+, double check and fix so I know what I would get if I were to order. There seem to be several ‘glitches’ here.

I think it’s safe to say that your choices are:
A: (3) 2007 Domenico Barbera
B: (2) 2006 Lang Zinfandel Reserve, (2) 2008 Lang Zinfandel Sausalito, (2) 2010 Lang Barbera
C: (3) 2009 Scott Harvey J&S Reserve Barbera
D: (3) 2008 Vino Noceto Sangiovese Riserva

I have no doubts that woot would make it right anyways if there were to be glitches, I just bought too much right now :slight_smile:
Would split the Lang sampler with someone but not get the full one, interested in buying the Noceto again, and definitely interested in the Scott Harvey also, currently considering to pass on the Domenico.
Good that there is a local wine gathering tonight, so I can make up my mind. Actually, I might just bring the Noceto I have along, so people in our group can make a decision based on a recent tasting :slight_smile:

i’m not seeing said glitches…are you seeing price discrepancy or errors or…?

or was this a hilarious joke that totally went over my head, as they often do…?

For anyone interested in the Scott Harvey Reserve Barbera, you can get a better deal than woot by ordering directly from Scott Harvey’s website. 4 bottles of the Barbera with the promo code birthday comes to $108.80, or $27.20/btl. Compare to woot @ $27.43/btl. So, not only is it (marginally) cheaper per bottle if you order 4 directly from Scott, you also get two free SH crystal wine glasses!

I’ve never tried Lang wines, the 6-pack of zin looks like a low investment to test them out!

At least two: Wrong picture for the “Scott Harvey Reserve Barbera” (minor problem) offering,
Different quantity in description and specs of “Vino Noceto Riserva 2008” (2) vs quantity in the title (3) - possibly larger problem.
With two discrepancies in one Woot Plus, my old “quality assurance”/“pain in the rear” alter ego considers it likely there might be more glitches… as it points to this having been put together hastily.
As said, I do not doubt that Woot would make it right if e.g. the Sangiovese would turn out to be a 2-pack and people assumed it was a 3-pack.

I have a bottle of the Zin the I have not yet tries, but I really enjoyed their Barbara.

And speaking of Barbara, I think this is the first time the SH Reserve Barbara has been offered as a stand-alone 3-pack.

Good QPR, I have enjoyed the Sausalito Zin and the non-reserve Zin. Have yet to try the Reserve and the Barbera but expect that they will also deliver.