Where is Ace's Luggage?


Well…we managed to find Dnames button, but now Ace’s luggage is MIA. Where oh where can it be?


I think I saw it on last night’s episode of “Lost” lounging on the beach.




LOL that’s it, that’s what I saw.


Do you think it got sidetracked at the airport bar?


Note: I didn’t make these pics, I just found 'em.




Somewhere in here perhaps?




Even as we speak the crack airport staff is meticulusly checking each and every suitcase that has passed through it’s magnificent portals, such as this industrius employee.


Of course, to keep tabs on what has already been checked, he is searching the luggage tags in alphabetical order. He is currently working on locating all the "B"s.

Or was he searching by color? Dang! I forgot the protocol! Better start over!

You needed that forwarded to Tampa, right?




I think the bats ate it…




Maybe this one?


That is some big bat!


Why, ma’am, that’s just a lil ol’ TEXAS bat.


Why, sir, if that lil ol’ Texas bat pooped on Ace, she’d be dead!


I found it under the elephant.



That certainly isn’t bat guano!!