Where is Mathew and his podcast?


Two consecutive woots without podcasts. The last one was Friday the 13th. Is Mathew OK? The podcasts are the best part of the woots. Please, I must … have … fresh … podcasts…


need to suppress that gene. maybe siRNA?


No weekend podcast. Mon to Fri, which is really Sun night to Thursday night.
He has two web sites that I have found (someone else found them, I just wrote them down)


Have you heard them all? My favorite is the MP3 player.


D’name, now that is where I am at a huge loss. After CD’s I have never taken the time to figure out the music stuff. I used to keep up with ALL of that, the latest gadgets, but I… got… (mumbled) “old.”


Thanks for the info. My newbie ignorance is showing. I’ve been working back through the podcasts but missed that obvious pattern. How I’ve survived in science is a mystery!

The podcasts and the writing on woot are amazing. I’ll check out those sites. Thanks.


I don’t have a mp3 player.
The only reason I can get the podcast is because the computer is new and it downloads when I click it.
I still use the radio in the car.


Me, too. And it sounds fine to me, which I guess proves I have a tin ear.


He has a really geeky discription of woot on one of those sites, sort of insulting until you notice he has been a member since the start!


Hubby claims that his hearing loss is not from all those years of loud music. Ha!
And the kids have those earphones on almost all the time. I will be the only one who can hear soon!
Even the systems that come with the cars are good now.


actually, everyone’s hearing gets worse with age… you lose your high frequency hearing progressively; the older you get, the lower that highest frequency you can hear is… the principle behind the mosquito… but kids are going to damage their hearing if they blast their music with the in-ear/earbud headphones… i use in-ear phones, but i also keep the volume extremely low on my iPod…








I should be cooking, so tell me quick
what happens at 6:30?




Too late, you missed it. Should have been here at 6:30.


Punchline to the “What kind is it?” joke . . .