Where is no1?

Please come back. You’re the only qwerty/no1 we have. You’re one of a kind!

edit: Told you I’d never use this account again if you stayed around. :tongue:

It’s been less than 24 hours.

Chill out!

Well that just made me laugh. You telling someone to chill out. :slight_smile:

Never mind.
I’ve been cut from no1’s site and since I don’t know my password or even my username, I guess I’m gone.

I’m confused. If you don’t know your username or password in order to sign on to his site then how do you know you were cut?

d’name, pm for you.

Thanks JoeDeeDee, I was back before I saw this.

So, to be official to people who think otherwise…
no1 and I are not fighting.
We are just trying our best to annoy the other guy.


I heard dname is pregnant with no1’s baby.

No, you are pregnant with no1’s baby.
This is the internet, anything is possible.

and they’ll name it noname.


I still read his name as “number one” even though it’s wrong.

Lets get this straight.
I can no longer have children.
Not even over the internet.

But somehow mr1 and schrobble’s sperm met up in a petri dish and formed a zygote. Yes, without an egg.
This zygote implanted in schrobble, since he is younger.
We are waiting to see if it is human, or monkey or some other alien form.

I was not involved.

Sure you weren’t involved. (are those latex-free rubber gloves you are wearing?)


There sure is a lot of protesting going on there, isn’t there?

Fear no more… no1 posted over in world of woot a few hours ago. : )

I wonder what the gestation period is.

That makes sense, except he’s closer to number 2.