Where Schrödinger & Venn Overlap

Flicks lighter Let’s hear it for Cat Boys!.. Oh, wrong song.

Kitty is in a box, not a circle… You can do Venn squares you know. …

Hey, that looks like my cat, Arnold!

And here I was thinking: “Ah, Schrödinger’s back. At least there’s no box.”

Ha! I love the intersection of physics and math humor. :slight_smile:

Nice job, Nathan!

“…in a steel box I reside.” oh man, Bon Jovi all day long. Well done writers.

Also, Stark - good point! It’s seems logical perhaps that the creators of Arnold made his head shape from a Venn diagram.

Banner week for Nathan. A front page Reddit post http://www.reddit.com/r/funny/comments/1ayybc/hi_reddit_after_living_in_nyc_for_4_years_i/?sort=top and a Shirt.Woot print? Everything’s coming up Milhouse… I mean, Nathan!

I like the sequel, but it’s not as good as the original:

That one will probably be my first shirt.woot purchase. I was hoping to get that during the last Wooting Off, but it was still $18 then.

Nicely done, sir.

p.s. Am i correct to infer from this that a cat’s ears remain alive even after the rest of the cat dies?

Or doesn’t that only apply to irradiated cat ears?

Haha! Ah, man - thanks so much - it was a trip to get so much feedback from the new series of NYC gifs. I plan to keep making them!

lulz. I took some liberty with ear placement.

I think we all do, when you think about it.

What happened to when the shirts weren’t just internet or science geek memes (which i enjoy)and had more artistic quality? Seems like these all but disappeared when the “all design” change happened. I miss shirts like this The Birthplace of Inspiration

Even though it would have messed with the symmetry of the design, a little white tail coming off the bottom circle would have made this an instabuy for me.

Circles work fine, for all we know Schrodinger put his hypothetical dead/alive cat with the poison and radioactive stuff in a giant hat box.

Oh hey, we had one of those not-internet-science-geek-meme ones just yesterday. And looking at the top 20 there’s maybe 2 or 3 others I’d say that stand out as more artsy. But to be fair, I’d say all of the shirts on shirtwoot count as having artistic quality, considering that art and quality is in the eye of the beholder, it varies by the beholder.

i was sure all i would find in the discussion were the ‘dead’ cat whiners… maybe they are sleeping late…

{taps mic}

So, Mr Pyle! Is it more exciting to be on Shirt Woot or The Huffington Post this week?


Oh Look!
YASC shirt!

ya’know all this talk about dead or live makes me think they should’ve done a “Wanted” poster instead :slight_smile:

This is such a coincidence… My “Cat in the Box” shirt has been in a hamper full of clean, wrinkled clothes so I haven’t worn it in a while. I was feeling like Blue today, so I pulled it out, steamed it and put it on only to come to work and see this on Woot!

I guess that means I am destined to buy this shirt? I better get one before it sells out - don’t want to temp fate.

Or my friend’s cat, Stewie…