Where the BOCs showing up?

Wheres the BOC’s showing up? I keep refreshing and see no BOCs, but certainly keep seeing sold out BOCs. I’ve been checking clearance, All Deals and Daily…Nadda…I WANT ME SOME CRAP BAGS!!

They’ll be in the Prime Exclusive Store and on Twitter today.

Just keep refreshing at https://sellout.woot.com/plus/prime-exclusive-store?ref=w_gh_so_9_wp_2 or following on Twitter. They are random and sporadic. Patience and low disappointment thresholds are necessities!

As long as Wotbot is working as expected you can just keep https://forums.woot.com/new up on your screen.

No need to refresh, it will refresh on its on. Any new posting, including BOC’s will show up within seconds.

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https://sellout.woot.com/offers/bag-o-crap-purple-daze – go get it! BTW - Gotta have a Prime account to get this one…