Where's Brave Woman #1


For those of you who remember Where’s Waldo, (or Wally if you lived outside the US) by Martin Handford, i’ve “borrowed” a scene and hid BW in it.

if this is popular, maybe i’ll make this a regular posting. So let me know.
Hope it keeps you busy.

Where’s Brave Woman?


in future posts, bw will be illustrated to make her harder to find.

http://www.e-mailgod.com/bw ilustrated copysm.jpg

http://www.e-mailgod.com/bw ilustrated waldo outfit copysm.jpg


Found Waldo, still looking for BW.
This is taking too long!!!


maybe after a while i’ll post the answer if enough people request it, but until then, keep looking, she’s there


I think you’re obsessing on Brave Woman!!!


found her

what do I win

shes purty


Found two waldo type guys, still no bw! I’ll come back later.



i guess you just win the pride of knowing that you can find her faster than anybody else.


So now I don’t need to find her! The day is mine again! Hi bubba, how ya been!


damn, a flaw in the reward system, um well then there is no “pride prize”


do i no u

what r u wearing




I’m beginning to dislike you z144!


allright, i’ll come up with a prize for finding her


no, not the prize! The fact that I’m sitting here looking for her in the first place!


yea, i should probably put a disclaimer

http://www.e-mailgod.com/bw warning.jpg


the award shall be a digital trophy:

http://www.e-mailgod.com/bwaward copy.jpg

yes, anybody can take a Brave Woman trophy, but please only do so once you actually find BW.
otherwise it’s cheating, and nobody likes cheaters:



She is not there. You are just trying to drive me crazy!


I think she’s in the front row (right-hand side) watching the cave movie that is being projected on the rock.

Either that or it is as obvious as the big one of her in the big white box.


she’s definitely there, just ask supermaxbubba.

it may be easier to find her if you download the pic and zoom into it.