Where's Brave Woman #2


Oh where, oh where, could Brave Woman have gone? Oh where, oh where could she be? With her hair cut short, and face cut long, oh where oh where can she be?

{For those of you who remember Where’s Waldo, (or Wally if you lived outside the US) by Martin Handford, i’ve “borrowed” a scene and hid BW in it.}

Where’s Brave Woman #2

in case you couldn’t figure out where she was last week, here is the answer.


Too easy this time!!!


next weeks will be more difficult. there is a surprising shortage of where’s waldo’s online to use.


Do you have a scanner?


yeah, i do, and my wife suggested scanning them too, although that’s more illegal than stealing them from amazon.com’s preview


Google search crowd scenes . . .


I tried crowd scense, but since they’re not designed to hide waldo, it’s actually much harder to hide brave woman. in the Waldo pictures there is usually a color and organized chaos that really lets waldo and therefore bw blend in.


Well then, yer dammmed if ya do and dammmed if ya don’t


bassically. i have a couple more from amazon, and then i’ll probably start to scan from the book and cite it as a source.


Here’s my favorite one.


I dare ya to draw an entire scene from scratch.


I have actually considered it, but alas, my wife would kill me for “wasting” so much time.


Doodling’s good mental exercise. At least find a Waldo picture full of magicians doing magic tricks :wink:


how’d u know i’m a magician?


Are you telling me I was looking for that huge bravewomen!


No, she’s small, if you click “answer”, the image that opens will have her circled in red. (top right)



Actually, last year you had a link to your old website.


OH YEAH, ha, totally forgot about that. i forgot to pay the host and lost the site, and so my old entries are all blank


Holy cow, I didn’t see her even with the circle! She is the same color as the background!
Ya killin me here! I did enjoy looking at all those cavefolks. But at least make her visible this week!


you can tell me if she’s visible enough this week- it’s already at the top of the page. you should find this weeks a ton easier than last weeks, but next weeks should be difficult again.