Where's Brave Woman #3


{For those of you who remember Where’s Waldo, (or Wally if you lived outside the US) by Martin Handford, i’ve “borrowed” a scene and hid BW in it.}

Where’s Brave Woman #3

in case you couldn’t figure out where she was last week, here is the answer.


Found everything 'cept the darned rocket (including Hoff), so minus 1 point for that. Bonus 1/2 point, (or minus one point for you, using the Toon scoring system) for finding the misspelling of ‘exclamation’ … :slight_smile:


Wow! I really mispelled that one. I wasn’t even close.


this was a good one :slight_smile:


Look for the rocket close to bw for last weeks

I found BW!

Edit- Is there a fast way to find the threads?