Where's Brave Woman #4


Waldo is dead to me!
Now I’ve found eboy.
And there seem to be enough of these awesome posters to keep this going for a little while.

Where’s Brave Woman #4


Got 2 outta three so far!


nice picture, with 3 BWs that I’ve found. BooYA!


Yikes, only took me about 7 seconds to find all three. Not as densely populated as Waldos…


I found her too!
Sort of felt I should have been looking for Bender, as in Kiss my shiny metal a**!


Found all three in 30 seconds.


maybe i’ll do a wbw 4.5 and try to make it more difficult


Crow is a little more than 4 times as good at this as you are.

still, I was first to find all 3.


Yeah it was a bit easy, sorry z144. I think it was because they were nearly equidistant.


ah, good point i’ll take that into account next time