Where's my coupon?

So, I received a “Shirt.woot Sale Launched” email. Typically the form letter includes a link to the sale item, a link to the stats and a coupon code for a free shirt. This email didn’t include a coupon code. So I emailed woot customer service to find out why… it took forever for a response. Three responses later, they’ve suggested I contact artists@woot.com to ask a shirt team member. So I did, yesterday around this time, and still haven’t heard back from them. So it’s been a week. My sale is over. And I still lack my coupon code. Which makes me sad - because there was a hoodie I wanted in the sale that ended. Can someone please help me?

Was it a new shirt design? They no longer give coupons when old designs go up in a side sale.

Oh noes! When did that happen?
Why wouldn’t they give coupons whenever a shirt sale is launched? Booooooo!



When they changed the coupons from $20 to $45, they also made this change. :frowning: