Where's my toaster?


Opps, sorry it must take awhile to package and ship 75,000 two-slice toasters…


Woot-offs are probably terribly hectic for woot employees.
Try cramming 10-30 woots into one day, and all hell breaks loose.
I would assume you got it by now, if not, blame it on fed-ex, because they suck.


or the toasters could all still be on fire…


Great flaming chunks of toasted bread DM, you might be right.


Anyone got grape jelly?


I wonder if it’s a two or four slice fire?


I’ve got lots of grape jelly here…should I send it to you in the mail (though I don’t know how much the USPS will like an envelope filled with jelly!)?


Hey, jl, long time-no see. Haven’t seen any toast falling from the sky yet.


I’ve heard stories of frogs falling from the sky, but never toast. But I’d rather have the toast. The frogs just don’t taste good with grape jelly.


Isn’t there something about, if you lick a frog your tongue turns numb?


Nah, that’s a slug. Unless it’s one of those poison arrow frogs…then your whole body goes numb. Forever. That’s no fun with grape jelly either.


I have heard that that can happen…but it probably depends on the type of frog…and if they have some toxin or something in their skin. But if it is true, then I REALLY don’t think that they go well with grape jelly. If my tongue is numb, how can I taste the jelly?


How do you feel about jelly doughnuts?


I have many friends who are jelly doughnuts, but my true confidant is a custard creme.


Dang it. Now I’m hungry and want a doughnut. And its midnight.


A discussion was underway on another thread where a number of people (?) didn’t like jelly doughnuts. Even their dogs didn’t like jelly doughnuts. Beyond my comprehension. Nothing like a good raspberry-filled doughnut.


I didn’t used to like them, but my tastes have changed with age. Or maybe my taste buds wore out. <G>


jl, you drooling yet?


Not drooling yet, but hungry. Very hungry. Damn you all! :slight_smile:


I wonder if we could call 1 800 KrspKrm?