Where's the Rexing?

Clicked into today’s deal hoping to score another rexing camera, but nope that apparently isn’t going to happen today. Whatever happened to posting a picture of what you are actually selling. Highly disappointed right now!

The one pictured, the Rexing V360 360deg Dual Channel Dashcam was priced at $139.99.

Uncle Jeff has it for $169.99 BUT there shows a $60 off coupon for a net of $109.99.


Your move @Darkhorse1455

@therealjrn Perfect time for another camera, I was just disappointed there wasn’t a link in the original post and honestly I’m lazy and wasn’t going to look for it. The picture is updated now so that is awesome.

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I’m confused. What sale or what are you talking about?

Shh, the teacher lady is looking.