Which NHL Division will win the Stanley Cup...

Let your voices be heard, Wooters who love hockey(or even those who don’t love hockey). Not which team. Which Division. Feel free to state your specific team selection in Comments. Trash talk is always welcome in a sport like Hockey. Just please keep it clean here, unlike Hockey. :innocent:

Which NHL Division will win the Stanley Cup…
  • Atlantic
  • Metropolitan
  • Central
  • Pacific

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The big 10

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Angry Hockey GIF


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Just want to add to this thread the best wishes and sincere thanks to Kyle Beach for being the “John Doe” that brought this to light and caused this investigation to take place. And, foremost, to thank him for being an advocate to all of those who go through a situation like this, whether it be in sports or business or life. Hope and prayers for changes to take place regarding situations like this. The handling of this wasn’t good enough, and the standards and things in place to prevent situations like this MUST change and improve, immediately.

For those who haven’t been paying attention to this situation, here are details:

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Soft goal for the win again vs. the Oilers…

Shows again that the Met will be the most competitive division in this league unless some big moves are made…

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6 voters? C’mon hockey fans…

It’s clear the Met is going to be the most competitive division. Unfortunately, the Flyers are nothing more than a lazy, coasting, looping, .500 hockey club that has, yet again(Laviolette showing his success) fired a good head coach. An incompetent GM that shows he’s out of his element by firing a head coach because the team can’t score goals. Fletcher is pathetic…