Which Wacom should I buy?

Hey all you pros, I was wondering if you could help me in the purchase of a Wacom. I’m 13 and I’m very interested in graphic arts, and have already submitted 2 t shirt designs. I have basic PS skills but I’m still learning. I was gonna buy the bamboo but thought that it may not be the best one. Any feedback on which one I should get and why is appreciated, please keep in mind though, I’m 13 and don’t have $1000 lying around to spend on this kinda thing.

Thanks in advance for your help,

Post this is world of woot shirts. More people who might be able to help you, will see it there.

I remember discussing this stuff with the photochoppers before shirt.woot existed. At that time there was a deal on the small graphires. I got one and I think several others did too. For learning and getting the feel of a tablet it’s been great. I don’t do much now because of life and family and stuff, but when I do I’m happy I have the tablet. The smaller size really isn’t that much of a hinderance. (6x4)

The Bamboo is great enough for what you need it for. You don’t need an Intuos unless you’re very serious and need the ability to encode angled brushstrokes.