Which Wacom should I get?

Or is there another brand choice that would work just as well? Also, I don’t have a big budget so a refurbished higher end model to any lower end model is where I’m at. I’d LOVE to have a CINTQU (however you spell it)! That’s a pipe wish right now.

Anyhow, would love advice. Nearly ready to buy but thought I’d ask my friends at Woot. Thanks!

Just ordered a Wacom Bamboo Create. Excited and nervous as it is used.

If you’re cool like me, woot will send you a free cintiq.

You must be SUPER COOL if woot actually sent you your bonus prize- :wink:

I have a old graphire series… OLD! So old they no longer update the drivers, it still works but with the bamboo driver…

You are the coolest! Free cintiq! Wow!

I’d LOVE to have a CINTIQ!!! I’m not cool enough yet, apparently :slight_smile:

However, I just got my Bamboo Create today and started playin w it. OMG! I need to look for tuts and such and just get used to it. Can’t wait to produce a design but it may take a while! Haha