Which Way to Bacon Town?

That’s right, jowl bacon is delicious—every bit as much so as belly bacon, I daresay (and better-shaped for burgers, too!)!

yer makin me hungry!

Great shirt but sad they only included streaky bacon…wish they had included English bacon (back bacon) as those little slices of heaven are the greatest tasting pieces of meat I’ve ever eaten…sorry American bacon, you are not superior!

I like round pink bellies. Pigs are cute. But after this, I don’t think I will eat bacon again. I think I’m turning veganese. I really think so.

No, it comes in plastic wrap or already cooked on a plate. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

I’ve been to Bacontown: http://goo.gl/hbliQ


When was I reading this? While enjoying a nice, hearty breakfast of bacon!

Aww, man, this shirt would have been so much better if it included back bacon too.

Nice work…this artist has some real chops.

Indeed, I much prefer back bacon to streaky bacon. Tastier AND less fatty. How could you possibly go wrong XD However, despite this unfortunate mistake, I can still see this being bought for my fiance :stuck_out_tongue:

Did anyone else read the main statement in Anthony Bourdain’s voice?

Bacon from the cheek is more like the bacon suburbs. The belly is the town.

First off, love the shirt, got it for my DH, to go with his cow shirt. But I have a question about shirts that will help me with a recent order - on the women’s sizes does it say - WL for women’s large or does it just say L for large? Meaning tag-wise for the S-M-L could you tell the difference between a mens or a womens shirt. Thanks!!

I have a friend how last name is bacon… yet, my friend, is vegetarian, I really want to wear this shirt around her, because I have done stuff like that before.

Canadian Bacon is on the back - where it says “Not Bacon” and “Zero Bacon Here” - in Canada it is called Back Bacon.

There is no W on the newer Anvil shirts. However the womens labels have a baby blue exclamation mark (the woot logo on the label) whilst the mens have a navy.

Probably worth having a look at these two threads for more info :slight_smile:

Let’s Talk Lady sizes

Time to Change Our Shirt: Shirt.Woot Now Using Anvil Blank Tees

Both are pretty long threads now, but there is a lot of info in them in terms of shirt comparisons in sizes etc.

Cute shirt. But just a bit too close to a Married To The Sea comic:

Yes. Yes, I did. There is no better invisible narrator for this shirt offering.

Thanks for sharing this, I too thought the design of the shirt looked familiar from somewhere.

Canadian Bacon is just a thin porkchop. American bacon is superior.