While My Crap Gently Weeps


While My Crap Gently Weeps
Price: $5
Shipping Options:: $5 Standard
Shipping Estimates: Unknown (Monday, Jan 26 to Thursday, Jan 29) + transit
Condition: Really Crappy


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Aaaaaand again.

closer and closer. i have faith.

just when things looked promising, a mother f-ing server error…

Why bother to sell them if they come up already sold out?

In my cart, at the checkout page, and then I get the message this doesnt ship to a PO Box. Why did I even get my hopes up?

By the time it refreshes to the bag, it’s already gone. Is it just me?

Thanks all from the last couple threads. Got in on one this time :slight_smile:

Good luck everyone else. First first… and I’ve been around a while…

I don’t know how much more denial I can take. Woot-offs are not for the weak of heart.

close , going to bed

I got a denied this time, which is the closest I’ve been yet. I have hope.

Denied! :wah:

So close, yet so far … and most of the country is asleep! :frowning:

I too am gently weeping tears or joy. I just got my BOC and I am off to bed.

why is it everytime i have it in the bag and once i click the process button i get the Something didn’t add up crap?

the only consolation to missing all these is that they really are crap.

And again I’m looking at something else while the crap is selling out. What’s up with the links?

ME TOO OMG i’M SO EXCITED!!! FIRST TRUE BOC EVER! Got one a few years back when they made you buy the wootoff lights for $5 and if the last number of your order number matched the last number of the DOW on closing x days later you got one. Woo.

Me too!! In cart, clicked place order, then said waiting… DENIED!!