Whine.Woot's Cyber Pub-First rounds on me....


Pull up a chair and order what you will.
A nice ale or cherry vodka sour for me sir…


a vodka martini, no fruit, light on the vermouth.


A Bloody Mary, not too spicy, asparagus spear instead of celery


I know this rain has gotten to me. I am sitting at a bar with a lady who is eating


champagne anyone?


its still early

how about a mimosa?


I got the makings right in my fridge!



I’ll be right down!


Found out that you can buy little bottles of champagne at some grocery stores – those kind that come 4 to a little carton. Work great for last minute Mimosas!


hah! not in NY!


Oh. You can’t buy the small bottles of wine there? Single glass size?


well, not in grocery stores, anyway

gotta go to a liquor store


Ah. Washington State had only state run liquor stores. That was a PIA. Good to be back in the south again… although my city is dry. Have to drive to Ft Worth to find a liquor store. Need to make a run now that I think about it.


it would be nice to be able to pick up a nice bottle of wine at the groc store :frowning:

at least the groc stores sell beer up here. Back in PA had to go to a beer distributor, or a restaurant that was licensed to sell, can’t recall if convenient stores could sell or not…then again, when I was younger my hometown still had Blue Laws.


Jeez I remember those blue laws… taped off aisles in the grocery store for things you couldn’t buy on Sunday. What a joke!


yeah…and my sister and then-boyfriend worked at the ‘competing’ stores in town (yeah, our town had a whole 2 grocery stores!) - they would send employees to each others’ stores and try to get the competing store to sell somethin they weren’t supposed to…back in the good ol days, eh? :slight_smile:


In CT you still can’t buy on Sundays or after 8 or 9pm any other day. In MA you can buy wine and beer in grocery stores or convenience stores, and that plus everything else at the packie.


NY just recently approved Sunday sales of wine and spirits- but only if the store that stayed open on Sunday closed one other day of the week. Used to be that you couldn’t buy beer before noon on Sunday, but that may have changed with the new law.


Some of those laws have held up not for Puritanical means, but so that store owners can have a day off without worrying about their competition getting a leg up on them.


true…but I still don’t see ‘mandating’ that a store close one other day of the week if they wanna stay open on Sunday…