Whining about Overstock - a frequent Woot sponsor


Back on 10/4 I placed an order with Overstock, using a Woot coupon. As one of the Woot Sponsors, I assumed they would be of Woot’s high caliber of service (That’s not to much to shoot for, is it?)
Buyer Beware…
I was pleased with the 3 items that shipped promptly, but the 4th item still hasn’t shipped. I emailed them on their online form. They promise a response in 48 hours. Still no response after 10 days.
I found their live chat, and got a friendly guy that gave me a friendly runaround. He said he would trace it, that it may have shipped to the wrong address. I started to smolder at this point, since the order clearly showed it hadn’t shipped yet. I could not get him to commit to a deadline of when it would actually ship, or they would give me a refund. They do not ‘bill when shipped’ as many other merchants do.
Just a whining warning. If you have an issue with an order, the response is, shall we say, less than satisfying.


I first heard about Overstock.com when they started their “O” commercials.

I thought to myself if you have to equate your site with an Orgasm, you aren’t the type of people I shop with - so I have never ever gone to the site. I prefer service, performance, or actual reasons to shop instead stupid trendy commercials, or the annoying ones that are purposely annoying to make you remember their brand.

Another pet peeve is the car commercials that offer “glimpses” of the car to entice you to come in and look at it.

Screw that - can’t show me up front, not worth my time to look.

Anyway, thanx for another reason never to shop at overstock.


Well, no car commercial can ever give you an accurate view of what the car is like, where it counts (i.e. mechanically).


Why bother to investigate that when you don’t even know what the car looks like?


Just as a follow up, they did refund my money finally. But I will not give them a second chance. Everyone makes mistakes, but this was a fundamental Customer Service issue.

BTW, the BBB received 1518 complaints about Overstock in the last 36 months:
[] 81 Advertising Issues
] 137 Sales Practice Issues
[] 212 Delivery Issues
] 36 Guarantee or Warranty Issues
[] 101 Product Issues
] 531 Refund or Exchange Issues
[] 52 Contract Issues
] 147 Customer Service Issues
[] 190 Billing or Collection Issues
] 18 Service or Repair Issues


Or how about all the pharmaceutical ads that show a bunch of smiling people, tell you a drug name and then say to “ask your doctor” about it, without ever saying a word about what it is for…

Those tick me off to no end, not only because they managed to waste my time, but also because they’re wasting their customers money by inflating drug prices to pay for massive yet pointless advertising campaigns.

sorry. just had to rant a little.


All that plus the contraindications list is always longer than the benefits list!

Every complaint is a “Syndrome” now and every syndrome has a designer drug . . .


yep… who cares if we screwed our lives up, or did a poor job parenting our kids… just medicate the whole population into submission and all will be fine.

(or so the voices that used to be in my head told me)


They even have a drug for Robert Klien’s Restless leg syndrome now!


What the heck is that?