Whirlpool 13,000 BTU Portable Heat/Cool AC

This type of portable AC is very inefficient and costs more to operate while being less efficient and less capable of cooling because you will see on the rear panel there is only one round hole for an exhaust hose that goes to the outside using an adapter panel for a window (that has to be double-hung type).

The reason it is inefficient and ineffective is because it uses inside conditioned air to cool the evaporator coils before ejecting out the window through that single hose.

The most efficient and effective portable AC units will always have TWO HOSES in the rear, one that draws air in from the outside, then expelling the hot air right back outside without using any conditioned inside air.


If you can get your hands on a second set of hoses and window adapters, you can disconnect the AC from the living room and wheel it into your bedroom to use at night without having to relocate the entire hose/adapter assembly, making your bedroom nice and comfy, taking only a few minutes to hook up.