WhirlpoolSWASH® Express Clothing Care System

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WhirlpoolSWASH? Express Clothing Care System
Price: $149.99
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Condition: New


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I’ve got one. Comes in handy if you’ve got the room. They had to send us a new one after the door got stuck after using it a dozen times but now works great. Good price also.

“There is no water, plumbing, pipes, vents, special hook-ups” … “Advanced spray technology transforms the SWASH PODS formula into a super fine mist that infuses the clothing with the optimal level of formula to relax fabric fibers”

So basically it’s a machine that febreezes your clothes for you automagically…

My question is: How long are the pods that this machine uses going to be available? When was the last time you saw Tide Buzz solution for sale at Target or Walmart? I worry that this will soon be an obsolete machine that will be useless.

FYI: Tide Buzz was an ultrasonic stain remover made by Black and Decker in conduction with Tide.

Living in the future sucks! We have these contraptions for your cloths, but still no Orgasmatrons??? :smiling_imp:


Honestly thought this was a wifi router and they had the wrong image

This swash device was also a collaboration between Whirlpool and Tide I believe, it s just a matter of time before the Pods can only be found or obtained by a 3rd party web clearance site.
Originally this contraption was $500 at 149 here this could be very short term solution to personalized dry cleaning.

readily available? not too long

Most dryers have a “dewrinkle” setting, which when used with a dryer sheet (or not), does the same thing. This would end up in the closet with the Regina clothes steamer I bought from WOOT a few years back.

This seems along the lines of Dryel, which works fine for some limited uses. Am I missing something here?

Now with the convenience of Kcups.

And the same environmental impact.

It’s like a Keurig for your clothes.

Is it password protected? My cleaning lady drinks 3 K-cups every time she cleans my house!

Hahahaha Me too! I was so confused.

That’s exactly what I thought as well.

Our drier has a steam wrinkle release function that works just fine.

Oh yeah… I wonder where that steamer is hidden in my house now.