Whiskey Barrel Whole Bean Coffee (4)

Whiskey Barrel Whole Bean Coffee 4-Pack
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(2) - MOONSHINE Whole Bean Coffee, 10 oz…
(2) - ANGEL’S SHARE Whole Bean Coffee, 10 oz.

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Any idea on roasting date?

I notice more and more the unbiggening of coffee bags.

They started at a pound, of course… then the store had 12-oz bags, and I had to retrain my brain.

Now it’s ten ounce, and I am sad.

FYI, CoffeeAM.com still sells it one lb bags and 5 lb bags.

$16.25 PER BAG? …pass.

I had to come here just to see if the bags were 16 ounce. At first, I thought “…that’s a bit pricey for one pound bags”. To my surprise, “…oh, 10 ounce, really?” What could be so special for whole bean coffee to make me pay $24 per pound, plus tax …and shipping? That’s roughly five large brewed coffees served to me with my name on the cup, at some well known publicly traded chain.
Where else could I go that would give me a great selection at a great price and I could return the flavor if I didn’t like it?


No, but the manufacturer lost all credibility when they stated it is best by November…

How does one press the grapes in such as way as to produce coffee?

So I’m curious. They are clearly marking this up significantly based on “aging” it in whiskey barrels, although to my knowledge, aging of coffee beans is the worst thing you could do.

What the heck are the actual beans? Where are they sourced? Are they single origin?

Are they aged prior to roasting or after roasting? How long are they aged for?

Also, why is anyone alcoholic enough to the point where they want their morning coffee to taste like whiskey?!?!

I had all the same questions, mang. However, I do have an answer to your last question:


One word (between each space):
Bailey’s Irish Creme

I bought this when it was up before, and it is delicious!

Green, unroasted coffee beans can be “aged” for quite some time before the start to lose their freshness. Under normal conditions, green beans can last a year or more before any noticeable quality changes.

Most places that do this age green, unroasted beans in a barrel for a time BEFORE roasting. Another brand that does this ages their beans in the barrel for 3-4 weeks.

I don’t drink often, but I love the flavor barrel aged beans have. I’ve tried whiskey & wine… both are good.

“Today only in Wine”


Go home. You’re drunk.

Yes, this. I’m curious, to be sure. But not curious enough to get this much coffee in one go. Even my farmers market coffee is $16/lb or so.