Whiskey Barrel Whole Bean Coffee (4)

Whiskey Barrel Whole Bean Coffee 4-Pack
Sold by: Wine Country Connect, LLC
$59.99 $92.00 35% off List Price
MOONSHINE Whole Bean Coffee, 10 oz…
ANGEL’S SHARE Whole Bean Coffee, 10 oz.

What’ the roast date for these?
I’ve seen “good by” dates six months in the future, and that’s a total joke. Coffee may last six weeks, at best after roast.

$26.00 lb!
I haven’t tried this coffee but it is doubtful it is any better than the coffee roasters in my local area that sell awesome coffee beans, fair trade, hand selected beans, and freshly roasted and vacuum sealed for about $12.00 lb. Local businesses deserve a look before buying this stuff. Just my humble opinion.

But does your local roaster use bourbon barrel aged beans?

I am not buying barrel aged coffee unless there is barrel aged cream to go with it!

By my math it’s $24.00 a pound. Minus $5.00 for the inclusive shipping still comes to $22.00 a pound for the coffee. If Woot! = Deals and Shenanigans, then mark this one under shenanigans.

It seems few of you have actually tried whiskey barrel-aged coffee. When done well, it’s amazing - and this is a low price. I think I paid high $30s/lb when my local shop featured them in their espresso and had a limited quantity for bulk purchase. But I’ve also had cheaper barrel-aged coffee that’s really disappointing. The (relatively) low price here actually worries me.

I have found WCC to usually offer pretty good deals on interesting things to try. If you just want cheap coffee, buy a # next time you’re at starbucks. This is 20$/10 oz on their website, so you’re getting a 25% discount plus shipped to your door for no cost. A local roaster where I’m from does a pinot noir aged coffee, its really tasty and different but I payed like 28.00 for 12 oz so it was just a fun thing to try. Get this if you want something new in the morning!

Is WCC still involved with this site?

With the cost of shipping included this is almost 26$ a pound. Yeah uhm no!! I don’t care how good the coffee is. I can get a pound of amazing coffee locally for a fraction of this price.

From the title page:

“Whiskey Barrel Whole Bean Coffee 4-Pack
Sold by: Wine Country Connect, LLC”

They are still doing all the sourcing/shipping, just not wine (here) any longer.

Gold Star coffee on Ebay…

Best deal out there…

Where I buy my Kona…

Coffee put in wine or whiskey barrels is a gimmick.
It rarely tastes as good as you hope it will.
Not worth the money at any price imho