Whiskey Barrel Whole Bean Coffee (4)

Whiskey Barrel Whole Bean Coffee 4-Pack
Sold by: Wine Country Connect, LLC
Sale Price: $59.99 (Includes Shipping)
List Price: $92.00 (Includes Shipping)
Discount: 35% off List Price
(2) - MOONSHINE Whole Bean Coffee, 10 oz…
(2) - ANGEL’S SHARE Whole Bean Coffee, 10 oz.

Is it a typo - Best By: 5-29-18?
If not, are you serious?

Don’t pay $24/lb for coffee with a ‘best by’ date. Good coffee worth paying for has a ‘roasted on’ date. Properly stored, whole bean coffee starts to go downhill after about 2 weeks. This is kind of an expensive bundle of carrots.

Seriously? Selling coffee for $60 that is already beyond the sell by date? WTF is your problem Woot… you used to be respectable.

Woot sold this item last January and the Best By date is the same one as on this listing. They probably just used the old page and the date requires adjusting.

Like someone else said, the sign of a “good” coffee is the inclusion of a roasted on date. That’s the date I’m interested in.

YIKES!@#$!@…$36.80/lb…that must be some JOE

Flavored coffee is “toy” coffee IMHO. Like cherry-flavored cigars. But buy what you want.


Trying to be positive here;


We’re getting EARLY ACCESS to four, count 'em FOUR

Woot! Birthday

‘Bags Of Crap’!

is this called horse-a-ccino because this coffee will wake up a horse? if so, put me in for a few bags :coffee:

If your going to drop this kind of coin of coffee stop playing around and get your coffee from Italy. Lavazza or Illy at a minimum. Both available from the mother ship, Amazon

Hey y’all, sorry about the “Best by” date issue. That was indeed from the previous time we had this for sale. The best by date has now been updated in the specs.


Somehow these are selling for $20 a piece on Whiskey Barrel’s site.

Hey, we all have our usual spots to buy coffee, and obviously feel like it’s a good deal. Why does “gourmet” have to be cheaper than what you’re used to? Maybe this is a chance to try something new and interesting at a discounted price. I’ve never tried the whiskey barrel aging, but there is a local roaster in PDX that ages in pinot noir barrels, for 20.00 / 10 oz, that I have splurged on a few times because it is actually really rich and delicious. Tired of all the whining on here, I’d rather hear some feedback from a past buyer about the quality of this product.

This coffee tastes like you went to a farm that uses old grounds as fertilizer, collected them with dirt and mulch, then brewed it using leaves as the filter. Save yourself some money and just go brew some hot water through some dirt in your yard.

I bought this coffee on the last Woot sale. I had very high hopes, but was sadly let down :frowning: It has a very earthy and whiskey smell when you brew it. But the taste is muddy, almost like a grit has been left in your mouth. I wish I could recommend it after trying both flavors, but it was not to my coffee taste.

Thanks! I’ll skip this one.

It’s not “flavored.” I purchased barrel-aged beans from my local coffee shop once (it was even more expensive) and it made the best coffee I’ve ever had. And I’ve had a lot of excellent coffee in all preparations from Seattle to DC to Costa Rica. I can’t speak to this brand specifically, but barrel-aged beans can be amazing.