Whiskey chalk

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Whiskey Dick
$6.99 + $5 Standard OR $10 Two-Day OR $20 One-Day Shipping
Condition: New

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do i want to know why this was created

and why devexityspace bought it almost instantly


according to the map, residents of Utah, Oregon and Ohio.

2 ounces?! Hardly enough to wet your whistle!

Several sold, still at 99%… a lot of impotence out there

Hmm, where is Woot getting there merchandise from now? LOL

One other wooter mentioned adult.woot, I can see that now!

I thought this would cure whiskey dick not create it :frowning:

It looks like Utah loves it some whiskey dick!

Again, there’s no nutritional information. There are people out there trying to watch their weight (not me) that need to know these things.

I use this stuff almost every day! Its amazing. Everyone thinks I’m an alcoholic, but eh.

Hmmm… is not baconlube…


this was the other image I did while I was dicking around (so to speak) with The Button.


I think this product deserves a Woot write-up. I can only imagine what they could have come up with :slight_smile:

Ok, oddly, I cannot in fact refer to this by it’s name of Whiskey Dick.

anybody want the iPod i picked up earlier? I definitely need 50 of these

Too funny!

They should have done it for the baconlube