Whiskey cutlass



Okay the Name says it all.


Is this for real? lol. I had to double check what this actually was.


I thought I was on kids.woot for a second…


Wow. Really, woot? Guess it works, since sport! woot is balls.


If i was a still a bachalor this would be a great mantle piece.


What a bad product, got mine yesterday.
1 - No ingredients list. (none to be found anywhere)
2 - Caps not fully on the bottles.
3 - Foil “seals” under the caps not actually attached to the bottle.
4 - Boxes not actually sealed, making the loose caps and unattached foil seals a really bad thing.

So this is a very expensive gag gift that tries to pass itself off as something useful.
Shame there are no markings on the box saying its a joke item, people might try to use this “stuff” for its labeled purpose and end up with god knows what on them.

Epicmeal time = Epic fail.