Whiskey Stones – Set of 9

$20 @ http://www.thinkgeek.com/homeoffice/kitchen/ba37/

always kind of wanted them. are they any good?

come on where is the inaugural home.wootoff???

I would suggest giving these babies a good scrubbing before use, they can flake off in your drink on the maiden voyage. Not to mention that for me, they don’t really cool the drink down enough. I was not happy when I purchased these, not from this site of course.

…and I mean ICE!

I got these from thinkgeek. Love 'em!

If you don’t like whiskey, I bet these make great pets!

These are legit - believe the hype. Great gift for the whiskey lover or for yourself especially when you’re too lazy to freeze water.

Pats Home.Woot on Head

There there home.woot, don’t be sad One day you’ll be old enough to have a woot-off of your very own.

I have this bad tendency to chew on ice. These would probably cure me of that, right? I mean, either I would stop the chewing or I wouldn’t have any teeth left to chew with…

I was given some bought from ThinkGeek I believe, they work work well if kept in a very cold freezer, specifically in the ice maker unit itself if possible. Don’t know if these are from the same company or not, though. =|

{EDIT} Just looked at package picture, it’s not the same company unless they changed the packaging.

Note that these are NOT to be used in the place of ice cubes. They’re really only supposed to SLIGHTLY chill room temperature whiskey by a few degrees.

If you personally enjoy straight whiskey and are looking for a way to enhance the flavors while removing some of the bitterness this is how you do it.

Nonuplets is the word you’re looking for.

Wait can these actually brew tea? Or does it just keep things hot?

These things better not drink any of my single malt. they will be fancy driveway stones if they do…

These should be great for chilling wine in a hurry, and you know, sometimes it is an emergency. : ) In for 2.

I completely agree.


I wanT glasseZZZZZ

beat me to the punch on posting that link :frowning: