Whiskey Stones - Set of 9

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Whiskey Stones - Set of 9
$5.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: New

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A family member who drinks scotch was given these as a gift last year, and loves them.

Wasn’t this on home.woot a few weeks ago?

rocks? really?

more like whiskey tango foxtrot.

How long can these hold their temperature? Could I replace these for the clear, melty things I put in my soda?

They either have a lot of these or someone forgot to start the woot off lights.

Somehow I think these things will absorb odors and end up being as worthless as a rock.

Cheaper then thinkgeek.

Just don’t expect this to be an ice replacement for sodas etc. Really only get these if you actually drink whiskey, and want the temperature SLIGHTLY chilled…or if you want to look cool.

I love my whisky stones! I use them constantly!

They are also great for mixed drinks and other beverages that you wouldn’t want to water down!


Whiskey Stones? What’s next, Wine Dirt? Beer Gravel?

This is a great deal. I see these all the time for $20 for a set of 9. In for 3.

Happy Chanuka Shmuel. If you buy these as well, I guess you’ll have lots of stones

Charlie Brown got some of these for Halloween.

I’m just glad these aren’t kidney stones. Look at the size of those monsters!

Wait what? oh someone else… sorry, thing in my ear.

As for how well these work, I like them. bought them when they were available a few weeks back, and have used them a couple times. they’re the smaller of the 2 varieties they have, and I figure the larger ones probably hold cold longer, but the do a decent enough job of dropping the temperature of my scotch without overly diluting it like adding too much ice would.

I’ve gotta nice set of stones myself. Sent to me from England. These work well to cool it down, but not so well to heat it up. You have to keep swapping stones in and out to slowly heat it; which becomes a chore.

You can,they aren’t replacements for icecubes. . . I suggest using them in the liquids they’re advertised for. These stones need to sit in the freezer overnight before use and if you use them in anything with sugar they will leave gunky residue even after wash. I leave em soaking in water for a day after used with mix drinks.

$19.99 + Shipping on ThinkGeek.

Been thinking about getting a set for a while, may just jump on this!