Whiskey Stones – Set of 9

That’s not my cup of tea.

Can you hear me now?

Think something a little stronger. :slight_smile:

woot’s been processing my purchase for over 30 mins =/ I really want these for my bro for xmas

What these rocks again!?!?!?! You guys must be quarrying them from around the corner and then cleaning up with a dyson afterwards!

Really great if you’re a fan of straight scotch or whiskey, but also like it chilled. Can’t beat the price here, either. Other sites carry them with a couple glasses for $60.

Oddly though, my order hasn’t processed yet…


Seems like a good price.


trying to order for a friend for the holidays and my order just keeps sitting on processing. Has been for 20 min

EDIT: neve rmind just went through finally

I recently received these from when woot had them on the main site. They look like “seconds”, meaning they didn’t pass Quality Control enough to buy online, but are good enough for woot. I think they will work just fine, they just don’t look as polished as the picture. Slight dings on the edges, but rocks are rocks.

Didn’t you guys sell out on these earlier? Quit sand-bagging us an give us some free gift bags… please…

my order took forever and a day (30mins+)…it just went thru…was getting worried since I missed this on woot the other day

Yeah, what he said.

I already have one set from ThinkGeek and I LOVE them. at this price I couldn’t not get as many as they offered. They’re also great for Mixed drinks where the ratio’s are very important (e.g. Long Islands). My goal is to start using these instead of ice cubes all the time. They are telling the truth about not carrying flavors as I switch up my drinks almost nightly. However, they are typically only good for keeping one drink cold, though they will remain cool after that.

Hmm… I’d like to get these for a friend, but I’m not sure they’re worth it.

What I would really like is if they were more like ice cubes - then they could be more useful! :smiley:

Are these ‘rocks’ all the same? You see some out there for 30 and these are being sold for a 6th of that.

Thank you woot monkeys. Was afraid my order didn’t go through, but I got the confirmation. Can’t wait to try since I missed it on the main woot site.

In for 3 sets. Been waiting so I figured it was time to pull the trigger.

Oh, and by the way, anyone who chills there whiskey, is NOT a whiskey drinker… and do any of you know the difference between “whisky” and “whiskey”?

I for 3. Getting my holiday shopping done on Woot is always fun. Hopefully the wife agrees…