Whiskey Stones – Set of 9

yeah, the letter e.

elitism failure

Snob alert.

Irish has the e. Scotch has no e. Don’t refer to a fine scotch as whiskey or you might have a set of bagpipes shoved up your arse!

There is a difference between these and using ice cubes to chill it. Whiskey can be chilled.

I just discovered that you cant purchase twice, or at least not obviously. “You already purchased this woot.”

But I bought 27 stones, I want 54.

And that’s before any as gifts for others.

Figure 3-4 stones per drink, with a 2 hour recycle time after the drink is gone. you can have 2 drinks in 2 hours with an hour of downtime (no downtime if you use 3 cubes per)

But that’s only 1 person drinking something straight. I would imagine as a replacement for ice, you would want to use 5-6 on a larger, mixed drink. So roughly 2 sets (18 cubes) could keep one person in cold beverages for an evening.

This is assuming that if a beverage is consumed faster, that it hadn’t had a chance to warm up, and you could probably reuse a set once and be fine.

Then consider if you aren’t sitting at home drinking alone, If you have guest(s), multiply 2x how many guests. Even if they aren’t drinking alcohol, People like to keep soft drinks and plain water cold as well.

Think about the icemaker in your freezer and how much Ice from it you would use for beverages on a social evening. Mine doesn’t have one, and I live in an apartment, where it isn’t going to happen anyway. Multitudes of whiskey stones would be my elegant solution. I could reduce, by far, the amount of space in my freezer devoted to ice-cube trays and buckets, and the time involved in rotating cubes into buckets and refilling.

But, as is, It cant happen in one shot. Will have to wait for the next time they are up to get more.

Whisky … a man’s drink if there ever was one! So pull up a stool, grab yourself a glass, and throw a few back … if you’ve got the stones for it.

What’s the deal with Shipping? It’s been 4 days and it hasn’t even began to ship…

Ok, so it isn’t just me. I was wondering the same thing.

I’m wondering about these too. Ordered almost a week ago. I need these by next week. Figured they hadn’t even gotten into their notices that it will arrive by Christmas or not, so I figured that wouldn’t really be an issue. Now I’m concerned.

Seriously, why no shipping yet? I had another order for the main woot site a day or two later and it has shipped before these stones. I planned on giving these to my father in-law as a Birthday present with a bottle of bourbon this Sunday. Hopefully they make it in time.

I need my stones to arrive by next Tuesday in NYC, else I’ll have to find new xmas gifts for folks. Getting a bit nervous. I don’t think they’ll make it :frowning:

In the exact same boat. Flying across the continent next tuesday and would very much prefer if my gifts for my family came with me.

I hope woot was not being a little ambitious when they held a woot-off so close to the holidays…

I just got shipping notice about 5 minutes ago. Delivery to NYC scheduled for Monday. Cutting it close, but looks like it’ll make it in time.

Thanks w00t.

I hope thats the case for me…Its the 14th and I still don’t have a confirmation that they’ve shipped.

C’mon OH shipping!