Whiskey Stones – Set of 9



A good buy?


Will this keep my wine chilled?


All the reviews I have read say they are only good at lowering the temp a few degrees. If you want it colder than that then ice is still the best bet.


I bought these the last time they were up. I haven’t used them yet but kudos to woot! for getting me to buy rocks.


How come the list price is 9.99 here but on sellout woot right now under happy hour cocktail accessories it says 20.00.



I like my whiskey stones. I have two sets already and 3.99 is a really great deal (especially if you’ve already bought something today and don’t have to pay shipping.) Freeze them and keep the cold stuff cold, or warm them in the microwave and keep hot stuff hot. They work best with smaller amounts of liquid.


I generally drink gin & tonics, and I don’t mind a bit of dilution from ice. That said, I don’t have an automatic icemaker and I can see these being a whole-heck-of-a-lot better than warm drink. Plus, I already bought something today so it’s $4 with FS, what the hey, right? In for 1 (aka 9).


Isn’t this being sold on sellout right now, albeit for $0.01 more?


Got these previously. They don’t have the cooling potential of actual ice but they can do the job if you use enough.

I find them especially useful at my mom’s house. Her freezer humidification feature evaporates regular ice cubes and she never uses ice herself so she never refills the trays. Now when I visit and there’s no sodas in the fridge, I can still have a cool drink without waiting. Two out of the three packs I bought now reside in her freezer.



Buy 3 sets and you’ll have a good start on that Make Your Own Rubik’s Cube set you’ve been wanting.


WOOT! 2 woot off purcahses today!

  1. Granite mortar and pestal
  2. Wiskey stones

What else have you got made of rock?


That’s just confirmation that the “Retail Price” is whatevertheheck they want to throw up. That goes for all retailers, not just Woot! Amazon, too, is real good at…um, yeah.

Edit: I will say, though, that I don’t believe these have ever been 4 bucks. They MAY have been 5, but even still, that’s 10 bucks shipped vs. just 4…good deal if you’re into rocks in your rocks glass.


Yes, but you need 3-4 stones to equal the cooling power of an ice cube.

The phase transition from ice (solid) to water (liquid) absorbs more energy than a stone does, but you don’t end up with watered down wine.


What’s with the warning not to handle these things if they’re over room temp? Is this a “don’t burn yourself” psa or something?


Makes for a great chiller for straight up booze without the moistness…in, as I have wanted them since seeing them on ThinkGeek for much more.


I vote you a QualityPost on just the Physics lesson alone


Bought last time and have used them in Scotch and Irish Whiskey pours. What was disappointing to me is that when I tossed a few (after rinsing them well after one use and refreezing) in a glass of warm wine (wanted a glass before the bottle cooled)…the taste of Scotch knocked me down. I’m not a great Scotch connoisseur yet, but now I’m worried I’m tainting the flavor from use to use since these things clearly soak up (and re-disperse) flavor.


Finally cheap enough for me to get multiples. In for 3. My first purchase this Woot-off!


These really do take quite a few stones to make up for an ice cube, but they are great for their namesake. Good for nice scotch and such. They are a no-no with carbonated drinks though, in my experience. They create too many nucleation points for the CO2 to escape!