Whiskey Stones – Set of 9



Not bad for cooling my tea without ruining the taste, they are not so fast but will do the work. I will get myself some whiskey to review the advertised functionality.


Has anyone used these? I really want to know how well they work.


yeah, but what are the eagles doing?


I was given a set of these by someone who got them as a secret Santa thing. They are definitely very good, and they look classier than the plastic type.


Bought these as gifts, and they were really well-liked and still regularly used. They won’t cool down your whiskey to an icy temp, but they will bring it down to nice and cool, almost chilled. Hope that makes sense.


Just got a server error when buying three. They show up as purchased in my stuff i bought… is everything cool?


Just don’t use them on fine stemware, they can scratch. Otherwise, bought 3 the last time, great gifts.


You sure about that? I’m seeing the same set of 9 for $8.95 (and that’s at my Prime price too)… Maybe we’re seeing different things? :confused:


Prime means free shipping, woot shipping isn’t free. Total comes out to over 8.95


Dont stay cold very long at all…Have not tried to warm them for anything yet…Guess my JW Black is gonna be a little watered down


Ah, I gotcha now.

I had already purchased something today on here, so it’s free shipping for any and everything for today for me, so I didn’t think about it.

But you are correct.


Unless you’ve already “unlocked” free shipping for the day, as I have.

These make pretty good gifts. In for at least one.


As a geophysicist and whiskey enthusiast, I absolutely love these things. As stated before, they will not chill your drink as much as ice will, but they aren’t supposed to. 2-3 in an ounce or two of whiskey will cool it to the perfect temperature.

Also, like bokhee stated, I worry about them damaging fragile glasses. Go get yourself some sturdy rocks glasses and you’ll be fine. That’s what they’re for after all, right?


I got 3 sets back a few months ago. They are ok at best. It will “cool” your Crown. But not make is cold. In us in the fish tank now…


They work pretty well, but you need to use a lot. I use 5 or 6 to cool down a warm beer. All 9 would get it ice cold. Haven’t tried smaller amounts yet. Moral of the story - buy 3 if you’re expecting company.

Also, put the stones in the glass gently first, then pour.


So buy 2 or 3.
woot: 3.99 x 2 + 5 = 12.98
amazon: 8.95 x 2 + 0 = 17.90



I have owned these for a while now and use them almost every night. they are great at lightly chilling a drink but are even better at keeping an already cold drink cold.


Exactly, I never understood all of the “negative” comments these get some times. These things are NOT meant to chill your drink. They are meant to keep a drink at a chilled temperature without diluting it.


Won’t these chip your teeth if these slide forward in your drink?