Whiskey Stones – Set of 9

I’ve bought these stones three times. They hardly work… but they make a nice gift for friends that you don’t care about that much.

Ordered these, but got charged the shipping again, even though I unlocked free through a previous order in the same day.


Anyone else having these problems?

So…by “hardly work” do you mean they don’t get cold? Dunno…I’ve passed on these the last 2, 3 or 4 times they’ve been on here, but for the price I picked up 3 sets for gifts (albeit for people I do care about).

Just curious about the “don’t work” comment…not that whiskey needs to be ice cold, anyway, but would be nice if they held some cold.

I do believe that your shipping is refunded back to you at the end of the day, something like that.

My order didn’t even show the shipping charges. Are you using different accounts by chance…?

Whisky-smishky…can these keep bacon warm??? That’s ALL I want to know.

Description says, “Never wear out or lose their ability to chill (or heat) your drinks.”

So if you’re having a bacon latte, it probably will keep it warm.

bought 2 on WOOT about a year ago. In a word “USELESS”

They get cold they just don’t make the drink any colder. Have used 4 in wine glass. You get a heavy wine glass, and less wine

I got these during a previous woot-off when they were $6.99

They don’t have the cooling capacity of an ice cube but they do work. They’re great for my mom’s freezer that evaporates ice cubes due to the auto-defrost. When I visit, the cubes I refilled last time I needed them would have dwindled away into small slivers. (I only use ice when there’s no soda in the fridge, anyway. Who wants warm soda?)

Your mileage may vary based on your taste in temperature. They do chill, but not to the extent of an ice cube (due to laws of physics reasons) so don’t expect miracles.

If your drink is warm, they will cool it down. If it’s already refrigerated, they’re not going to accomplish much. And you will definitely need more of them than you would ice cubes.

Do these ever roll down the side of your glass and hit you in the teeth the way icecubes sometimes do? In which case, does it hurt more?

If you’re buying these to make your drinks cold, skip them.

If you’re buying them to put in your whiskey to make it the right temperature, buy them. It’s pretty simple. They aren’t ice cubes, they are whiskey stones.