Whiskey Stones – Set of 9

These things are fantastic for scotch & whiskey. They won’t keep your drink ice cold but keeps it chilled long enough to enjoy your drink without watering it down.

Whiskey stones again? they must have an 18-wheeler full of these things!

These things are great, I highly suggest buying 3 and storing them away for last minute gifts for people. People know these things cost about 15-20 dollars so if you’re ever in the need for a small gift these are always a huge hit.

I’d be in for 3 more but I already got 6 in my gift closet.

I like to see the map on these sales. We know where all the people with seasoned/mature palates live. Or maybe all the drunks. Or both.

$3.99 is about right when paired with one of my free shipping codes…

OK, I just mixed a drink, and I’m out of ice. THEN, I saw this post, and remembered, dummy, you’ve got 27 whiskey stones, in that bag, in your freezer.

Drink saved!

(And, if you’re as weird as I, these WILL fit through the mouth of a regular 1 liter erlenmeyer flask.) Don’t ask!


I’ve been a staunch advocate of these as gifts for the last year or so. Finally got around to using my own set. Have to say I’m VERY dissapointed. Maybe the air tempurature was too hot, but these (4 in my scotch) did not chill it AT ALL. My expectations were pretty reasonable. I knew they wouldn’t chill as well as ice cubes, but I didn’t notice any difference at all.

I supposed I could have been more scientific and experimented with a thermometer, but instead I threw them in the garbage. Remarkably, the scotch was the same temp whether they were in the glass or in the garbage. Science is fun!

Where did you get that code? I have bought 10+ woots in the last 3 months, and no coupon ever :frowning:

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These are the real thing.

I strongly advise you not to try the deals.woot lookalikes by Kingsford.

OK, these are soapstone, not ice. They won’t cool a drink down like ice. They’re not meant to be thrown in a warm drink, and expect an ice cold drink instantly.

I saw that you live in Southern Ca. It’s warm there. (Almost as warm as I am, here in Arizona.)

You need to give them some time, and keep them in your freezer. They worked for me.


These did not work for me.
I purchased three sets (27 total) and put them in the freezer for days and as soon as the whiskey hit the rocks, the rocks would warm up and not chill the whiskey.
If I am doing it wrong, or if someone could tell me the proper way (besides freezing them) I would appreciate the comments.
But so far they have been a major disappointment to me

Would these work for keeping soda (Pepsi) cold rather than diluting with melted ice? Or is there some reason soapstone and Cola wouldn’t be good together?

OK, I’m not really a whiskey or scotch drinker. And maybe if I were, I’d get excited at the chance to buy a bag of rocks for $4.

In the meanwhile, I’m laughing at anyone willing to pay $4 for a bag of rocks.

Well, all colas are a weak acid. If you’re drinking them fast you’ll be fine, but you’ll notice the soapstones degrading over time. If you’re sipping it, they’ll degrade relatively quickly. And these suck for keeping drinks cold for long, they’re there for you to drink your dram without watering it down.

So you could, yeah, but they’ll be eaten away eventually. And they won’t do a lot to keep your drink cold.

Seems like getting them in would be the easy part… unless you’re extracting the talc…

Maybe its a Cali thing, but they suck. Glad they were cheap. Even read and followed the directions. Room temp drinks…still room temp. Perhaps its works better with alcohol cause…well it’s alcohol and what isn’t better with that…Terrible in trial run with water then again with juice. I can’t imagine they’re good in anything. One more try and they will be in the can.

Purchased them earlier. Also very disappointed. All the comments are correct regarding temperature…only a slight cool (though I was expecting this and you don’t drink your scotch ice cold anyway).

However, the disappointment I wasn’t expecting was that they soak up flavors. Even soaking them in plain water after use and rinsing well they strongly flavor the next drink with the taste of the previous one.

Cool idea, and I’m sure they show well as a small gift…but if I could have my $9 on these I’d take it in a heartbeat.

Yeah, I was really disappointed when I bought these some months ago. Kept them in the freezer and they did essentially nothing.

HaHa! Yeah, maybe Woot is trying to start a new meme to replace bacon