Whiskey Stones – Set of 9

Are you saying they could be bacon stones? Toooo cool!

I bought some of these and was quite disappointed. Upon further reflection it makes sense that they don’t cool very well. The reason ice cools so effectively as it melts is that the phase shift from solid to liquid absorbs an disproportionally large amount of heat from the environment (drink). The stones don’t melt, so you don’t get the extra heat absorption. Also, water/ice just act as a better heat sink than rock independent of the latent heat of fusion.

Really, you’d be better off just keeping your whiskey glasses in the freezer than buying whiskey stones. The glass is more massive and, assuming the specific heat capacity of glass is similar to stone, the glass will absorb more heat from the whiskey before reaching equilibrium.

thought about getting them for gifts, but all the bad reviews…no thanks.

also we mainly drink beer & mixed drinks, so no straight on the rocks for me usually.

also if i’m drinking the hard stuff just it to get f’ed up fast, i just take a few shots straight out of the bottle…no time for a glass or rocks.

Try not to drop the stones in the glass as you would with ice cubes. I did break a glass.
Bought this the last time. Not very effective. Lowers the temp slightly. They don’t have enough thermal capacity to make a difference. Good party conversation starter.

Ahem, excuse me. Rocks with a one year warranty.

Got two sets of these and have been very disappointed. Works poorly with soda and tea (both hot and cold). Makes soda go flat and adds a funny taste to the soda and the tea. (Yes, I washed them quite thoroughly before using them.)

ThunderThighs, FTW.

Add me to the “wasn’t too impressed” category.

The biggest bang for buck (and the bang wasn’t big) was letting my friends figure out what was going on when I brought out two fingers of whiskey in an old fashioned glass. Con rocks. In this case being actual rocks. Like I said, bigness of bang was not terribly banglike.

Still have my rocks in the freezer. Use them once in a while. They modestly chill a small measure of whiskey (etc.) for about the time it takes to drink a small glass. I have some nice handblown (and heavy) glasses, and they WILL scratch the glass, so these only get used on the glasses rescued from the broken tears of torn down yard sales abandoned in a box by the side of the road.

Yes, it’s sad, but the whiskey helps.

++ to that. But unlikely to etch the stones much. But you’re unlikely to try stones in cola more than once. Cola tastes good at 34 degrees (and for my taste, watered a bit), and these stones will NOT chill anything down that far.

And actually, all carbonated (as in dissolved CO2) liquids are probably a weak acid. Carbonic acid and whatnot.

I have tried these once and they did not change the temperature of the drink. I was quite disappointed.

Really good soapstone shouldn’t be absorbent. So maybe you got a few cubes of not-perfectly-great stone?

I confess I don’t use these stones that much, but mine haven’t proven absorbent. (Doing a really beautifully oily islay one day doesn’t impart any smokiness on an irish whiskey the next.)

Maybe I got lucky with my bag of bag of modernized squared off pet alcoholic rocks.

Yes, that taste was the rock. The acid in the drink was reacting with the talc…

These don’t work. I did a review of a similar product on my whiskey blog. Here’s the link:
It’s a cool concept, they just don’t actually chill your whiskey. Everyone that I know that has actually bought these and tried them say that the best thing they do is take up space in the freezer.

Anyone that buys these expecting them to replace or act as ice cubes is misinformed. You can’t put more than 1 or 2 oz of room temp liquid in a glass for a result. I used to drink whiskey and scotch straight, putting ice in cools the drink down too much and covers the flavors. These just slightly chill the drink so it goes down smoother but doesn’t degrade the taste. Rocks glass, three stones, whiskey to the top of the stones. Drink that next to a neat drink and see if they are the same.

i’ve bought two sets last time. this does not chill the drink at all. and the stones loses it’s coolness really fast. i had fille the cup full of whiskey stones, but the liquid was not kept cool.

We’re on last call. I knew pointing out that one year warranty on rocks would help!

well they come in a box, not a bag. who’s laughing now?!?

A soapstone the same size as an ice cube that goes from -5degC to 15degC (meaning the ice melted and the ice water did some cooling too) will absorb 15.64% the amount of heat that ice would. The only plus side is that it will not melt. The vast majority of the cooling ice does is from the melting process. If you want cooling without melting, soapstone is a great material for that. If you are drinking a water based drink (cola, tea, etc) and using whiskey stones, you are just being silly.

Soapstone was the counter top of choice for science labs until man made materials caught up to it non-porous, non-reactive credentials. Cola isn’t degrading the stone any more than it is degrading your glass. Soapstone IS sedimentary rock and so you CAN get low quality crumbly bits in cheap soapstone which could be porous and erode. That is a quality control issue, not a reaction with cola.

If you want large cooling with no watering down, get something that contains those special refrigerant gels (they melt, they’re just in a container of some kind).

More than 80% in this example.

Last call huh? I see what you did there…