Whistler 1773 Laser & Radar Detector



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Whistler 1773 Laser & Radar Detector
$49.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: New

Product List:

  • 1 Whistler 1773 Laser & Radar Detector

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Ooops I’m still on yesterday!

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If its not a Valentine 1, its just a false sense of security. NIGHT NIGHT!


I find even the best ones of these are useless anywhere south of virginia. the cops usually have real crime to solve. pass


These things are illegal in some states. Anyone know of which ones they are so i do not drop my hard earned Woot cash on something that will land me with a bigger ticket?



I said, don’t buy these. Use your common sense and you won’t get pulled over.


I know they are in at least Virginia and D.C… I’m pretty sure there’s another one but I can’t remember what it is :frowning:


couldn’t pay me to own a whistler


Radar detectors are banned in all vehicles in Virginia and the District of Columbia and in big trucks in New York and Illinois. However, they are allowed in noncommercial vehicles in the other 49 states besides Virginia. Connecticut used to ban them but they saw the light…

By the way Whistlers traditionally suck. Valentine 1 is the ONLY way to go.


In for 1!


Illegal where I have to drive into. Check your state. The fine is much more than speeding + the unit.


V1 is the ONlY one


Yea…it is a good one and at a good price…normally sells for $100 -$120


Looks like a fairly good radar detector. Wish I could find a good review, only reviews i found were personal ones.


You are correct. They are only illegal in D.C. and VA.


Virginia for sure and possibly the District of Columbia. Don’t know of any others…


I am thinking very highly about this…

Anyone have any personal experience with this? How well does it work in the city, on the highway/freeway? Any other comments that might be helpful?


I’ve had 2 whistlers and both of which just stopped working, they turned on and appeared to be functional just didn’t pick up radar. imagine my surprise.


I pretty much drive the speed limit so I’m not in for any this time.

On the plus side though, my * I WANT ONE * button seems to be working great now. Thanks woot!