Whistler Laser & Radar Detector

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Whistler Laser & Radar Detector [New] - $34.99 + $5 shipping

1 * Whistler XTR-475 Laser Radar Detector

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Here it is on Amazon. According to one reviewer, I wouldn’t use it in India, though.

Note that these are illegal in Virginia and DC.

Product Manual

Here is a link to the manual or user guide for those of you that don’t RTFM



looks like it was sold in Jan for 49.99, was trying to find reviews

edit: or 39.99 reading further posts

Yes, but they’ll save your butt when you come up against an officer radar-ing from a parked car

Trust me, I’ve had a mid-range cobra for the last few years and it has definitely saved me.

This model wasn’t tested by GOL (Guys of Lidar).

But whistler’s actually do work, although their range isn’t that great, nobody has complained of high leakage.

Cobras are probably the worst detectors, since they leak so much radar, and set off other detectors.

This is probably the best brand of radar detector I’ve seen on woot. While the RD is still crap, at least whistler is a legit brand unlike some of the stuff woot has sold in the past.

This particular radar detector is as good as a rock on your dash. As in, it isn’t worth it. Generally good radar detectors are good and bad radar detectors are bad with nothing in between. This radar detector would fall into the crap category imho.

If you are interested in grabbing a decent radar detector that can actually protect against Ka band (most highway patrol use ka in most states) then expect to pay something around $200-$600. Anything less is most likely bunk. Also, Guys of Lidar review the actual detection range for most decent detectors on the market. If you want accurate and non bias results google them. It will aid in your buying decision.

Also, I recommend checking out Radar Bands by Town - updated 8/6/09 to see what radar is used in your area. If you’re in the 1% of the the country that doesn’t use Ka then buying a $60 detector might actually work out since some of the cheaper (around $100) detectors detect K and X fine just not Ka.

I wouldn’t listen to these guys, I have a functionally same whistler in a different model and it works perfectly fine. No it’s not state of the art, but it’s the best you will get for $40. Why would someone post a $300 one has better range, is that a valid post on this? I’ve used this so called “rock” for a couple years now. Why would someone who hasn’t used it say it doesn’t do anything? Of course it does Ka band, that’s the main thing you use it for.

Does anyone know if these work well with motorcycles?

Thought about getting one but after checking out the site you recommended I felt it’s not worth spending $40 on a radar detector that does not do a thing. Thanks for your info!

Acording to the manual “Do not spray water,
cleaners, or polishes directly onto the unit.”

So maybe you can install it but in the first rain you will have to say good bye to this unit.

There are some radars specially designed for that (watherproof) just dont expect to see those in this price range

Regarding the legality of radar detectors, it is important to note that there are some states in which they are totally illegal (Virginia and Washington DC). Also, in some states where radar detectors themselves are legal, it is illegal to mount them on the windshield (California and Minnesota).
Also, if you drive over the border to Canada, radar detectors are only legal in Alberta and British Columbia - the rest of Canada has laws against them.

Here’s a nice list of where they are or aren’t legal: http://www.1stradardetectors.com/radar-detector-laws.php

Here is a youtube video review of the product, short but helpful.

Basically, If you buy anything other than Beltronics or Escort (which are mostly one in the same)radar detectors are a majority junk.

Check http://www.radarbusters.com/

Getting a cheap POS radar detector is like asking for a ticket because its only going to give you false alarms and its not going to detect a cop when you need it to.

Of course, the best remedy is to just do a reasonable speed. Not only will you save yourself from getting a ticket. You’ll also save yourself gas by driving a reasonable speed. Speeding only gets you there a minute (pronounced “mahy-noot” in this instance) amount of time faster and you’ll waste a ton of money in gas doing so.

So save your money and by a worth while detector/jammer, or just do the speed limit like a reasonable human being.

I’m curious why the Virginia on the map is not black but a little gray meaning somebody in VA bought this. Careful folks. This detector is not good enough to try your luck with.

it’s not illegal to own in Virginia… just use in your car…

road trippers perhaps?

I have 2 cars which I drive on a regular basis and both of them get the same mileage no matter if I drive 55 or 80 MPH. I’ve tested this dozens of times in both vehicles. Now I have had vehicles in the past which got really bad fuel economy when I drove them faster such as Jeeps, but in a small car like a Honda, Nissan, or a Scion you shouldn’t see much difference. Hell, I took my Nissan on a long trip once and was cruising from anywhere between 90 and 100 (speeds which I thought would suck a lot of gas) but still averaged about 29 MPG. I don’t know what you saying about shaving a “mahy-noot” off your time. Maybe if you’re only going a few miles away. I drive anywhere from 60 to 90 miles to work each way everyday. Driving a little faster cuts about a half an hour off of my drive time each day.