Whistler Laser & Radar Detector

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Whistler Laser & Radar Detector [New] - $34.99 + $5 shipping

1 * Whistler XTR-475 Laser Radar Detector

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Whistler Laser & Radar Detector
$34.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: New

Product List:

  • 1 Whistler XTR-475 Laser Radar Detector

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62.99 @ Amazon [dont see any good reviews for this thing]

Ooh, shiny! And with flashy lights, too!

1992 Called, they wanted their radar detector back.

“HE’S A DEMON ON WHEELS” - That’s what she said!

not sure how this model performs… but I wouldn’t drive without a radar detector, I have an escort detector & it has saved my butt on many occasions. In fact I haven’t even gotten a speeding ticket since I got it about 4 years ago… and I used to get them quite regularly.


I want a monkey!!! Where is my monkey???

dear woot,

a v1 would be far superior… maybe next time?

yes they do

Yay - I missed the Burrito again!

when i read that i died a little inside.

fell asleep, missed boc. woke up in time for this at least! :frowning:

Welcome to woot. nice stats.

Depends on what state you’re in… I believe it’s only illegal in a few states (West Virginia being one if I remember correctly).

hug me you meerkat

dang it woot, i needed a new radar detector cause the screen went out on mine, but you drop this almost obsolete detector :frowning: i’m a sad panda

Will this pickup the speed cameras Phoenix is infested with?

FAR superior. And probably no less than 10x the price, even as a refurb!!