Whistler Laser & Radar Detector

is there gonna be no BoC today?


Yet another item I will be passing on.

Cool! Another one suitable for Virginia!

Hot dang in for None.

Who called it!!! me thats who just its not 60 like I predicted.
atleast seems to be only 2 of them

This is officially the “Radar Detector Woot-Off”. Too bad I don’t have a car.

what song does it whistle?


I probably say this alot, but this has to be one of the worst woot-offs ever. Nothing but crappy tv’s,radars and surge protectors.

Looks better then that 14.99 one!~

Check your spam folder.


Superspryte! You’ve been missed. Are you all healed and back in the States?

wish it were wireless, sigh

Sweet. I’ve been waiting for one of these all day.

I wouldn’t want the cops to see how fast I’m carrying all these TV’s, that’s why I need 8 Radar detectors.

can someone tell me how long a wootoff lasts…I am going to bed. I waited all day for something special…what is wrong with me people?

I now own 7 TVs and 6 different Radar Detectors. Best. Woot off. Ever.

Phiyuku called it! I need another cup of coffee…