Whistler PI-100W Power Inverter

Well, I bought a converter from woot recently, so I have no need for this. Plus, only 100W??

Didn’t they just have one of these earlier? Two plugs though… Whatever. Somebody buy these so we can move on.

50Hz doesn’t work in the U.S.A.

Anyone know if these really work?

In for 1! Seems like something useful to have in the car…

i have one…nice and small for when you dont have the big one out

100W? That’s lame.

I actually have a different version of this, it’s not made by whistler but it is very handy!

Whistler PI-100W Power Inverter


100w - you could like charge a light bulb, maybe.

i already have a 400w plug in my truck

In for 3 - great to run laptop from and makes for good gift.

what countries use 110VAC at 50Hz?


* Input Voltage12V DC
* Output Voltage110V AC
* Frequency50 Hz
* Load Capacity100W / 200W

50hz will not power most things here. must be typo.

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Whistler PI-100W Power Inverter
$5.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: Refurbished

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  • 1 Whistler PI-100W Power Inverter

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Only 100 watts. Lame. They had a 300 watt one around 3AM when I was asleep. Sorry Woot, sleep is more important than your little monthly game.

WAY overpriced - I’d consider it if there was no shipping charge. Good for camping.

I bought a 100w whistler a while back to charge my cell phone in the car when i lost my car charger. I figured i’d give it a try powering my portable dvd player, and it lasted about 10 min. We started smelling something that smelled like a fried pentium 1 (as described by an uber geek friend of mine) and now the whistler doesnt work anymore