Whistler PI-400W Power Inverter



Whistler makes good stuff.

Good deal if I had a use for one.

OMG i’ve been waiting throug HPs, Robots, camcorders and all sorts of … ARGH … for this???

I kinda want this. Has anybody had experience with this company or a power inverter in general?

well atleast it’s not a big ticket :0)

this will probably go faster.

in for 1…yay…

yup u crazy with the pics ahhhhhh mommy make it stop@@

good deal if you need one… i already have 2 other inverters… 400 watts is nice.

I’ve ruined a few things with one

suck! I wanted one of these!

Woot…give me something for this price that turns DC into AC and I’ll be all over it!! I think this is gonna be a good woot off! So much for cleaning house today!!! :slight_smile:

Finally…I can have Air Conditioning in my car…in for one

So… i’ll need a car for this…?

Yay! first sucker